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There are some topics that are difficult to talk about. But change can’t happen without brave people standing up for causes that they are passionate about and speaking out to get their message out there. Our designs are here to make a fashion statement and get people talking about issues that are often ignored or stigmatized. 

for 2020, 100% of profits will be donated to child welfare political action committee, a Canadian non-profit dedicated to advocating for foster care reform

plus, our founders karla & zach will continue to make regular acts of kindness donations to local homeless shelters, women's shelters and sexual assault centres

At Stand Up Speak Up, we are committed to supporting allies and advocates in their work representing a number of causes, topics, and groups. We feel that these charitable organizations allow us to have a positive impact on a number of vulnerable and often marginalized groups. Want to find out more about our Acts of Kindness Initiative? Check out our Give page for a full list of organizations we have donated to in the past year. 



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Discover stories of people taking back their lives and becoming wiser, enlightened, and triumphant. Each episode profiles inspirational heroes speaking honestly about their unique and sometimes traumatic experiences to raise social awareness and start conversations that we hope will inspire change.


A curated selection of articles, quizzes, videos, and exercises designed to help individuals learn more about being an effective ally in today's world!

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