Bridget Moore is a Los Angeles based artist who is better known under the moniker, Handsome Girl. She focuses mainly on digital illustrations, revolving around intersectional feminism, body positivity and female empowerment. Bridget’s design path started as a therapeutic outlet for her own eating disorder, which she secretly struggled with, on and off, for over 15 years. 

Moore started drawing as a way to celebrate the beauty of her own body and other women’s bodies, celebrating all the different shapes and shades beauty can come in. She later moved on to adding in playful takes on sexual health, snacks, and positive affirmations. All things that have been fundamental elements in her personal recovery and her ongoing journey to practice radical self-love and appreciate for all the diverse beauty in this world.

Blow Me: This is actually a self-portrait I did of myself last year after getting completely pummeled by internet trolls after doing a typography piece (as seen on the shirt worn) about being able to do anything you can while on my period. Oh boy did that start A LOT of hate comments, direct messages and emails. Sure, it got to me, but I dealt by creating this self portrait of my strongest self who really didn’t give a fuck.  

Objects: As someone who deals with a lot of lacking confidence especially around my body, looking in the mirror can be one of the hardest things I do every day. Sometimes it can literally make or break my day. Shallow sounding, I know, but it’s my truth. So, this piece is a perfect reminder that what I see in the mirror is subjective and there’s so much more strength than what appears in a piece of glass.  

Pills: Pills, Therapy, Programs this piece is to celebrate to do whatever it takes to help you heal! There is no shame in getting help in whatever recovery you need, and it’s a reminder that getting help is not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of honesty and strength.  

Stop: “Sorry for the delay!” “Sorry I didn’t hear you” “Sorry I’m busy!” Sorry, Sorry, Sorry…. Are you really? Do you have to be? Most cases no, you’re not sorry or you don’t have to be sorry. So why do we say it? We’ve been conditioned to be apologetic for just being ourselves and doing things in our own way in our own time, and it’s time to stop and save the apologies for when they’re actually valid. 

Women4Womxn: WOMEN SUPPORT WOMXN. No that’s not a typo, this piece is to really illustrate intersectional feminism. However, you identify, whatever shade your skin, whatever shape you keep your body in we need to empower, uplift and support each other, and celebrate each other every damn day. 


Instagram: @handsomegirldesigns


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