As 2021 begins, there is hope in the air that by spring or summer, we might all be able to emerge from our homes and sweat pants and again venture out into the world for everything from drinks on the patio to possibly even a gathering with friends.

It is likely to feel like a new beginning far exceeding any spring that we have seen in our lifetimes. And, we hope that with that, comes some daring and dramatic fashion choices. While each person should choose their own personal style without worrying too much about what everyone else is wearing, there are some pieces we think could fit into any wardrobe.

Bold Masks

While we hope that restrictions will start to lift in the coming months so that we can get back to life out in the world, it is likely we will still need to sport a mask for a good portion of this year. Many of us might even choose to continue using masks in public places, like on transit, in airplanes or in other crowded spaces. While we all understand the important function of masks, the last few months have shown us that they can also make a fashion statement. For example, our silk masks are available in a rainbow of colors and can help to dress up and ensemble.

Statement Scarves

If you’re not loving the mask look, a great scarf or shawl can be a great way of diverting the eye and taking back control over your style. We are seeing a lot of cinched-waist trenches and oversized coats on the runway and those require accessories that are a little bigger and bolder. Choosing a scarf in a bright color or an intricate design can be a great way of creating a chic look even in your winter wear.

Our Gratitude scarf is available in 100% silk or cotton and three color combinations. It can be dressed up or down and is an ideal piece to take you from winter to spring.

Chunky Chains

There has always been a place for large statement jewelry but this season we are specifically seeing large chains in a variety of materials and colors. If you want to incorporate this design into life through the pandemic, switch out a necklace for a mask chain, like our retro acrylic chains available in eight different colors. These can help you keep track of your mask or glasses or can be easily adapted to wear as a necklace, bracelet or even a headband.

If fashion is something that excites and inspires you, we hope you will continue to play and explore this season. Even a trip out for essential supplies could be an opportunity to sport a new look and keep things interesting.



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