As a new year begins, we wanted to create a new series for our newsletters, featuring stories from empowering women who have touched our lives, and the lives of others. 

To start off the series, we’re highlighting Brea Griffiths’ truly empowering story of resiliency, hope, perseverance and healing that changed her life and led her to help others (including Karla) to find freedom from their pain.

To most people, Brea seemed to have it all.

She was a great student and talented athlete, playing varsity soccer at Princeton University. But, in the years after graduating, Brea’s journey would become one of pain, isolation and even homelessness

With dozens of debilitating symptoms, including overwhelming fatigue, chronic pain, headaches, face swelling, vertigo and more, Brea was bedridden most days. Yet, Brea never seemed to get any real answers from doctors. She took on many medical tests and alternative treatments, including moving away from her husband and kids and camping alone in the California desert, chasing pristine air.

It was during her second time in this desert isolation that she was introduced to self-directed neuroplasticity (AKA: brain retraining). Following this practice, she was able to rewire her brain and heal her body. Today, Brea is happy, healthy and reunited with her children – and now she’s helping others find the same life-changing healing as a brain retraining coach.

Learn how Brea overcame the unbelievable odds against her, dug herself out of debilitating illness, survived homelessness in the desert and then integrated back into society by listening to our latest podcast episode. Available directly on our website, or on your favourite streaming apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google.  Listen to Brea’s Story Now >

Editor:  Jonnica Hill

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