Believe in Yourself and Let Happiness Flow – Brittany Pastrick’s Story

In this edition of the Healing Series, we explore Brittany’s story, at her lowest ebb, an off-the-cuff invitation from a friend inspired her to take her life in a new direction.

“I love Brittany’s inspiring honesty and authenticity. Despite skyrocketing prices, single women are leading the way for new home buyers across Canada. Personally, I know at least 10 women who have invested solo in real estate in the last 2 years. Empowering!”  ~ Karla

This is about a time in my life when I felt very alone. It was really hard to face the reality of another relationship gone wrong as I moved out of our condo and returned home. As I settled back in, I tried to come to terms with how I might never find a partner in my life. I had a dream of how my life would look at the age of 30. I would be married with kids and a beautiful home. But when it wasn’t happening for me, I felt I had to start fresh. I wanted to become a better version of myself and learn to grow. I thought: maybe working on myself will help me learn what I really need and want for my life. 

One day, during the pandemic lockdown, my friend said: “hey I’m reading this really great book. I think it would be awesome to form a little group and meet once a week to update each other on how we’re feeling and how we can apply it to our lives.” I was all in! Cooped up indoors, I was looking for opportunities to use my time and find joy, so I started reading my friend’s self-help book. But something I wasn’t expecting happened when I started reading. Recently all I had felt was heavy darkness weighing me down, but as I read, I felt a whole new world open up for me, a world of possibility and light. 

I became so enthralled by the book that I started reading others and searched for self-help podcasts to listen to during my daily walk. I began exercising more. I wanted to train my brain to think positively as well as critically and figure out what I really wanted from life. It felt so good to be working on me, inside and out, and to finally home in on what I needed for my life.

The final piece of the process was daily journaling. Each morning I set out my intentions and goals, and each evening I reflected on whether I had met them. Even in the midst of the pandemic, I found joy in little things. I learned not to be so hurt or offended by those who judged me. I realized that it’s okay to be alone and do things on my own as I am an independent woman. I was eager for a family, but I accepted that it would happen when the time was right and, for now, my dog ticked the family box. However, I got to thinking the home was something I could achieve on my own, so I started looking for houses.

It took months of searching, then one day as I was driving around, I saw a new listing pop up and decided to go see it on a whim. Four days later, after a mini bidding war, the house was mine and I cried happy tears! It was such a beautiful moment as I could see my life growing again in the direction I wanted. The new house needed lots of renovations and fixing up to make it my home, but it was mine. A few months later, when I finally moved in at the end of March, it felt so surreal, like I was in a movie. I just couldn’t believe it was happening to me!

I am proud of having found the self-belief and strength to overcome setbacks and obstacles, but I am also thankful to be in a position where I can independently own a home and thrive. A year later, I am still beyond grateful and continue endeavouring to manifest a beautiful life with self-help books, positive and inspiring podcasts and daily journaling. I encourage you to try it and stick with it. It can change your life.

~ Brit xoxo

“No one is you. That is your power.” ~ S. Jurczak

By Brittany, a thirty-something who thought she had her life all mapped out. The thing about life is that it never really works out the way you always imagined it. At my lowest ebb, an off-the-cuff invitation from a friend inspired me to take my life in a new direction.

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