Friends enter our lives for many reasons. Some come and go, serving a purpose for only a little while, but a special few stay committed for the long run. They see us at our worst and are the first to celebrate our bests. This pledge to be in each others’ lives forever, as more family than friend, is the first sign of true soul sisterhood. But, it doesn’t stop there. Want to know if you have a soul sister, or three? Then keep reading.

You Feel Like You’ve  Always Known Each Other

Beyond staying committed to a forever friendship, soul sisters feel like they’ve always known each other, regardless of how long they actually have. It’s an overwhelming feeling of comfort and connection that goes deeper than just having the same hobby or favourite band. Whether you have shared similar upbringings, life experiences or overall thoughts on the way the world works, there is simply something between you that feels like it has always been there, tying your souls together, that you could not live without.

You Can Talk About Anything

With soul sisters, it’s essentially a given that you are comfortable talking about anything, and everything, without the fear of judgement or shame. This is the ‘more than friends’ part of the soul sister complex kicking in. When you have a soul sister, you know that nothing you say would ever negatively impact how your other half sees you and you know that they will always listen to you and speak their mind honestly in return. That’s why you’re usually each others’ go-to person to break the news on all things good or bad in your life.

You Bring Out The Best in Each Other

Many friends bring out the wilder side of you, or the quieter side, but when it comes to soul sisters, it’s the best parts of you that really start to shine. This comes with the understanding that you both accept each other for who you are and feel comfortable being yourselves when together. Having someone who lifts you up and believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself is a sure way to help you succeed. Soul sisters want what’s best for each other as much as they want it for themselves, and will never feel jealous when they see you succeeding.

Soul Sisters Aren’t Deterred By Distance

One of the major components of being a soul sister is the understanding that it’s forever, no matter what. While it is ideal to see each other every day that’s not always an option. We all tend to lead busy lives and have our own families and careers to take care of, and while we must put just as much time and energy into our friendships, time and distance are never a problem for soul sisters. You both trust each other enough to know that time or distance apart does not mean a friendship ending. Besides, when you do find your way back to each other, it feels like you were never apart. This past year has brought a lot more distance than many sisters likely expected, but this serves as a reminder to cherish your time together and the importance of having friends who will still be there when stay at home orders end.

If you have been lucky enough to find your soul sister, or sisters, you will know exactly who fulfills the traits we’ve discussed here. If you don’t think you’ve found her yet, don’t worry. All friends still serve an important purpose in our lives, and us in theirs, and you never know when your soul sister will come into your life.

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