*Our weekly prompts are meant to help you in your journaling practice. Use them as you choose. You can either work your way through all of the questions or might find that one question allows you to open up and write freely.*

What is something you succeeded at recently?

Was it a big success or something small? Maybe you managed to get all of the bathroom’s in the house clean. Maybe you got an entire work to-do list crossed off by the end of the week. Maybe you finished a project you have been working on for months.

What did you learn from this success? Was it difficult to achieve? How so? If you were to tackle it again, would you do it differently?

How did this achievement make you feel? How did it change the rest of your day?

Was this part of a bigger plan or project? Was this is a big thing that you have been working towards for some time? What were the steps that helped to get you to the finish line? Are there more steps to take before you can reach a larger goal?

What did you do to celebrate your success? Is there something that you can still do for yourself as congratulations? Did you take a moment to appreciate what you accomplished?

Did you accomplish this thing for yourself or for others? Why was it important?

What is your takeaway from this experience and reflection?


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