The majority of us were forced to rework our schedules and priorities during the pandemic. Now, as we start to plan for a return to (some of) our old ways, we each have the chance to rejig and figure out what fits and what does not. The benefits of exercise to our physical and mental health is indisputable. But that doesn’t mean it is easy to add into your daily schedule. Here are some tips that should help:

1. Consider different time structures.

While there are lots of people (usually trying to sell you something) that will claim you need to do a certain amount of exercise for it to be “worth it”, the reality is that the more you move and challenge your body with exercise, the better. The first task should be to figure out an exercise schedule that works for you. That might mean an hour workout at the beginning or end of the day. Or it might mean doing 5-minute workouts every hour as a break from your desk. It all adds up!

2. Find something you enjoy.

This may not give you more time in your schedule, but it will make you more motivated to find that time.  Do you really need that hour at the end of the day to unwind watching television when you can unwind swimming laps in a pool, or playing racquetball with a friend? Or, is getting up from your desk and taking a 20-minute walk at lunchtime a great chance to breath away from screens?

3. Make it a routine.

For many people, the hardest thing about exercise is getting it into their schedule and sticking to it. Building a routine where you exercise at the same time every day or week can be beneficial for several reasons.

Not only does it take the guesswork out of fitting exercise into your schedule, but it also let’s everyone else in your life know that this is a priority for you and (hopefully) they will leave you undisturbed during that time.

4. Include others.

Accountability partners can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to maintaining an exercise regime. Find a friend to exercise with. Make it part of your life with your partner. Or, find an activity that you can all do as a family. 

5. Remind yourself that every little bit counts

Sometimes, you might look at your schedule and be overwhelmed. If you can’t workout five days a week, why workout at all? Because every little bit helps.

Don’t let the fact that you can only find time to exercise three days a week stop you from doing it. You will benefit from every little bit of exercise that you can get. Even if you can only fit it in one day a week, it’s worth doing.


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