Dear Stand Up Speak Up Community,​

It has been about two years since the idea to create StandUpSpeakUp.ca as a space focused on giving, gratitude, hope and healing was born. And, we have to say, while it has been worth it, getting there has not been an easy road. What was meant to be a simple process of building the site, turned into months of delays. We have had products come and go, logistical issues due to the pandemic and more sleepless nights worrying if it will all work out than either of us can count.

But, through it all, you have shown us again and again why we do this. We are so thankful that you have not only chosen to join this community, shop with us and help us to give thousands of dollars back to charity. More than that, we are thankful that you have invited us into your homes and lives. 

We have been overwhelmed by emails, messages and letters letting us know how our products, and the little gifts we added, have improved your day. You may not realize it, but the support and feedback you give us mean so much, not only to us and our team but to you too! The act of giving has proven benefits like making us feel happier, healthier even, and more likely to have such kindness returned to us in the future. AKA, it’s good to give.

For our family, this venture came out of wanting to have a positive impact while living with cancer. It is something that has changed every part of each of our lives. It has come with tiredness, pain, setbacks and dreams that have had to be adjusted. It has come with fear and anxiety. One of our greatest joys, and one of the things that pulls us out of bed even after a bad day, is seeing new orders come in and getting to create custom packages with surprise gifts and personal notes for each of you.

Truthfully, on paper, many would not consider this business to be a “success”. No one is getting rich here! We put every dollar that we can into finding new ways to give back, either through our Acts of Kindness Projects or by adding more little gifts just for you and your loved ones. And each time we are able to give to others, we consider that an amazing triumph.

The bottom line is that we couldn’t do any of it without you. So thank you!

Love, Zach & Karla xoxo

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