Tune in for the Stand Up Speak Up Podcast, with more than fifty inspiring stories from people who have beaten the odds and persevered through trauma and discrimination. Why listen? Because in listening to others’ stories of healing, we are reminded of the potential we all have to find the light, even in the darkest of moments. No matter what we are up against, we are all survivors worthy of finding healing and happiness.

Featured Episode

For the past 30 years, Ashleigh Banfield has been consistently one of the most acclaimed anchors in television news, and one of television’s top crime journalists. In her most recent role, Ashleigh hosted Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield on HLN. Just prior to hosting this program on HLN, she anchored Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield on its sister network, CNN.  READ MORE >

Recent Episodes

Finding Shelley

This true crime investigated series takes a deep dive into the life and disappearance of London, ON resident Shelley Descroches, including growing up in foster care, entering into sex work and following leads of what might happened to her. This series inspired Stand Up Speak Up co-founder Karla’s involvement with raising funds and awareness for foster care reform.

Beyond the Crimes

From a look into what causes someone to commit a crime to what life is like within prison and once you get out, this series features real people’s stories of rehabilitation and the many sides of a broken system. 

Stories of Resiliency, Hope & Perseverance

Sometimes, gaining hope for the future can be found in looking back on what we have already lived through and accomplished. In these stories, we speak to inspiring people about how they came through difficult moments in their lives and what continues to push them forward.

Realities of Recovery

Addiction is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented mental illnesses for centuries. This series speaks with recovery addicts at different stages in their lives and journeys, where they open up about what started it all and how they are moving forward.

Raised in Foster Care

There are many cracks in our current foster care systems – ones that can leave former foster kids with trauma and scars that are difficult to overcome once they reach adulthood. This series tells the story of people who grew up in the system and how they have reconciled with that experience and were able to move forward. 

Behind the Headlines

There is always more to a story than can be said in one segment on the nightly news viral post. This series seeks to dig deeper into the hot topics that we have all heard but might not quite understand and explores the people who are often left out of stories headlines. 

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