Reporter Drew Penner travels with Anita, the mother of a 16-year-old native girl named Delaine who went missing in 2016. We retrace her last known steps, in an effort to get a better understanding of the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

Host: Karla Stephens-Tolstoy

Researcher, Interviewer, Editor, and Co-producer: Drew Penner


The following post was written by Drew Penner, a reporter who took a close look at the disappearance of Delaine Copenace. The young aboriginal woman is one of thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women who have never found justice.  Read the full article >

The Canadian Department of Justice reports that Aboriginal females are more than three times as likely to become victims of violent crimes than any other segment of society. Indigenous women are four times as likely to be murdered than their non-Native counterparts. Read the full article >

In the news and online, you might have heard about the struggle of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. But, do you understand the facts about this issue and what is- and isn’t- being done to stop this horrifying trend?  Find out how much you know with this informative quiz >

To bring awareness to MMIW artist Francesca Elettra Cudignotto created The Red Dress design, her main starting point was the red dress hanging on the trees. She found them poetic and powerful.  Indigenous women experience violence at a higher rate than any other group.  Help bring awareness to this issue with our Red Dress Art Print >


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