Karla Stephens-Tolstoy, the founder of Stand Up Speak Up, continues to share her fight in battling Stage 4 cancer.  She courageously shares Karla’s medical journey from all sides of the disease, her life, and her extensive support group of devoted family and friends.  But even as she continues the struggle for her life, Karla also continues her concern for foster care reform, a passionate cause that she can’t let go of.

Karla reveals both good news and bad news concerning her diagnosis.  She talks about the medication she’s had to endure, the medical trials she’s been a part of and even the use of cannabis as part of her treatment.  And she manages to talk about it all while maintaining her sense of humour throughout.  Also maintaining a sense of humour is her nurse, Erin DeJong, who once again conducts the conversation as it unfolds.

Executive Producer: Karla Stephens Tolstoy

Interviewer: Erin DeJong

Narrator: Peter Anthony Holder

Production Editor & Sound: Peter Anthony Holder

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