Maryalice Ashbrook: Hollywood Kids to Hollywood Hell

Maryalice Ashbrook was born into a family that seemingly had it all. Her grandfather was president of a huge company that listed a movie studio among its subsidiaries. Her mother counted Joan Crawford and Jane Russell among her friends. So how did Maryalice end up being sexually abused by a foster carer? Her mother’s pill addiction and divorce from her father led her to give up Maryalice’s brothers up to foster care. Meanwhile her mother’s continuing struggle with pills meant Maryalice spent time at MacLaren Hall Children’s Center before being placed with a foster family. Despite these setbacks and others Maryalice kept her positive attitude and keeps reaching for what she needs from life. Check out the podcast and hear her story about how she has overcome adversity in many forms to find happiness and fulfilment.

Host and producer: Karla Stephens-Tolstoy

Reporter and co-producer: Kris Mulliah

Editor: Cesar Del Castillo

This episode contains music used under the CreativeCommons license:





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