As a child, Michael James knew that life with his parents was not what it was supposed to be. Their drinking was taking its toll on his childhood and it led Michael to approach the police to take him away to a more stable environment. Instead, he landed at MacLaren Hall in El Monte, California. This was just one of a series of centers that failed to provide support and eventually a plan for what he would do when he turned eighteen. This started his sad descent into homelessness, drug abuse, suicide and crime before he eventually took stock of what his life had become and reinvented himself. We’ll hear how Michael has found his calling and enjoys a happier life these days. We’re keen to share Michael’s inspiring story with you. Listen to the podcast and hear how he forged a path out of the darkness for himself.

Host and producer: Karla Stephens-Tolstoy

Reporter and co-producer: Kris Mulliah

Editor: Cesar Del Castillo


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