When Linda Price graduated high school, her dream of the perfect life was with a home, a baby, and a husband.  These all eventually came to fruition, but not in the way she had imagined.  An unfulfilling childhood led to Linda seeking love in the wrong places, getting involved with multiple abusive men, and becoming addicted to drugs. She was always on the run, trying to escape life. After becoming pregnant with Devin, who was featured in our past 2 episodes, all Linda wanted was to give him the love and care she never had.  Sadly, she struggled with this, too, and would later give Devin the painful apology that “the drug was more important than you were.”  From times of using drugs together to Linda refusing to take her only son in when he had nowhere else to go, their lives have been an emotional rollercoaster.  With the mother and son now sober, living under the same roof, and Devin getting his life on track after finishing his prison sentence, we conclude the Price family series with a happy ending and positive outlook. Linda now has the son she always hoped she could raise.  To persevere through so many challenges in life is truly inspirational, and we thank Devin and Linda for sharing their stories.

Host: Karla Stephens-Tolstoy

Editor and Co-Producer: Joel at East Coast Radio Creative


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