We take a look at the Finding Shelley Desrochers series so far. You’ll hear some of Karla’s radio interviews, and then get an inside view of what it’s been like behind the scenes working on this podcast and dealing with the flood of information that has come in.

Have you seen Shelley Desrochers? E-mail findshelleynow@gmail.comLondon Police Missing People: https://www.londonpolice.ca/en/about/Missing-People.aspx

Host and Producer:  Karla Stephens-Tolstoy Editor and

Co-Producer:  Joel at East Coast Radio Creative http://eastcoastradiocreative.ca

This episode contains music used under a Creative Commons License.

Great Lake Swimmers – Gonna Make It Through This Year



One day, 32 years ago, my brother’s grade 10 high school friend went missing. We all lived similar lives in an upscale Toronto suburb. It seemed far away from anything truly dangerous.  So, when she disappeared it was really strange. Amber Potts-Jaffery was one of us and then one night she never came home.  Read the full article >

By now you’ve heard about Shelley’s troubled childhood, her time in the foster care system, how she was trafficked into sex work, and everything we know about Shelley’s disappearance. We now wanted to make the most of all the attention this series has received, and see if anything has changed.  Listen to Shelley’s Story >


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