This scarf was created by Natasha Diak and was a commission to help our founder Karla commemorate her our path to self-discovery.

The Snake — This central symbol is a celebration of how a snake is able to shed its skin many times throughout its life. With each passing day, month or year, we have the ability to envision new versions of ourselves and materialize them into reality.  You are not shackled to who you were in the past, no matter who that might have been.

Community — The hands in the middle of the design represent how we cannot evolve without the help of others. We need to build each other up whenever possible and ask for help when we need it ourselves.

Dancing Women – This section can both symbolize our own changing forms or all of the strong and inspiring women that we are likely to meet in our lifetimes. Each of us possess our own unique gifts and are each on our own soul journey.

The Words – Gratitude, Healing, Connection & Reflection. Surrounding this design are small mantras that we hope will inspire you and encourage you to discover what in your life holds the most value and what you are most grateful for. We all need to take care of ourselves and address our own needs and desires. Then, we need to pass on as much love and support as we can to others.

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