All pieces are handcrafted using 925 sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil.

The Ally Collection jewelry was created as a collaboration between our co-founder Karla Tolstoy and Canadian designer Tianna Bastien of bstrd.com. Karla envisioned creating these pieces with a team of all women to capture not only what allyship means to her, but also the strength we all have and the power we possess when coming together.

This collection combines key areas of social justice and advocacy with gemstones that provide healing and release positive energies into the world. Each piece would make a great gift to recognize a loved one’s work in allyship or to harness your own passion for standing beside and speaking up for others.

Emerald for Human Rights

Emerald promotes unity, compassion and friendship.  It stimulates the heart chakra and has a healing effect on the emotions of the heart.  Long considered to be a stone of regeneration and recovery may it inspire us all to search for meaning, justice and harmony.

Sapphire for Mental Health Rights

Sapphire aligns the physical, mental and spiritual planes to promote healing and peace of mind.  It has long been thought of as the stone of mental focus and clarity.  May it inspire strength, focus and point the way to a fuller understanding of one’s self.

Opal for Children’s Rights

Opal has long been associated with love.  It is said to inspire hope, innocence, purity and happiness with its prism of color.  Opal illuminates positive thoughts and emotions towards oneself.

Ruby for Women’s Rights

Ruby represents fire, courage and motivation.  It can warm up and strengthen one’s energy and balance. The fiery ruby can help us feel that all sense of limitations has been removed.


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