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 I will no longer criticize or judge my body, but will instead show love and gratitude as it helps me to live another day. This is a safe space to talk to your body and mind and form the healthy relationship you might be missing.


The Body Love Journal came out of years of me picking at every piece of my own body and finally realizing that was wasted time. Getting sick put it all in perspective that without my health, life would be challenging to enjoy. It is hard to feel positive when you’re fighting pain.

I started to see my body in a new way and saw it as my ally, my warrior, it needed to be outfitted to fight one of the deadly beasts known to man: Stage 4 Cancer.  Now, instead of worrying that I had a “beach body”, the right hair color or was hiding any wrinkles or fat, I needed to strengthen my bones, keep my lungs clear, and ensure I was well fed, slept and walked daily. 

As I started to take back as much control of my body as I could, I saw my relationship with my body change. I became grateful for every breath, movement and simple function it was able to give me. I started to journal my new views and I even gave my body its own identity and name: Stella. I talked and journelled to Stella about my fears, needs, regrets and shame. Instead of seeing her as my adversary, I tried to see the world from Stella’s side and advocate for her and protect her the way that I would a dear friend.

No longer holding onto negative thoughts and obsessive worries about my weight or shape, I was shocked how much extra time I had to instead think about what made me feel inspired, joyful, reflective and empowered. I started to pick clothes that were comfy and based on my style, not chosen through magazines. I used to wear a rimless hat I loved until styles changed and I felt it didn’t hold up. Now, I own 3 and wear it every summer. I set my style, not trends set by companies and influencers.

When we started to create this collection of journals, we knew that we wanted each to be a place to reflect on a different area of our lives. We knew we wanted them each to help you build confidence, express gratitude, vent from daily life and record its triumphs. Body Love is a perfect compilation of all of those things. 

I approached artist and women’s activist Bridget Moore to create the one-of-a-kind design, celebrating not only our physical forms, but also all of the power that womxn have within them and all of the things that make each of us unique. We all know that one of the greatest threats to a healthy body image is media and the beauty and fashion industries. We modeled the design after a magazine cover in an attempt to take power back from advertisers. You define who you are and your own beauty and worth (and both are endless).

–Karla xoxo

Stand Up Speak Up Co-Founder

Every purchase aids in funding our Acts of Kindness community giveback program.

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  • Body Love journal
    • Exclusive design by artist Bridget Moore
    • 120 journal pages
    • 120gsm paper thickness – 1.5 times as thick as standard paper to prevent ink bleed
  • Matching canvas pouch
    • Double-sided design with Body Love illustrations
    • Journal, pen and notepad fit perfectly inside
  • I Am Enough pen
    • Gel 1.0mm tip allows for a smooth stroke and 500m of writing (approx. 18 months of use)
    • Blue non-leaking, non-toxic and eco-friendly ink
    • Steel body with rubber grip allows long periods of writing without discomfort
  • Courage Breeds Courage mini notepad
    • Pages are slightly thicker than standard print paper at 100gsm
    • Waterproof cover to protect from spills
    • Includes instructions on self-care DIY beauty face mask
  • You feel more creative and free to express yourself
  • You feel more grounded in who you are
  • You have more energy
  • You more naturally live in the moment and have fun
  • You better see your own uniqueness and value


  1. Bethany M

    Very nice notebook set. Great communication and fast delivery. 10/10. Will buy from you again.

  2. Jack R

    As described with quick delivery. 5/5.

  3. Stef A

    The whole journal gift set is really nice quality and it looks lovely. Couldn’t be more thrilled! Would recommend it to anyone- you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Sara B

    I truly believe in the importance of promoting body positivity, and this beautiful journal gift set is the ideal way to show off such an empowering message. I have bought several things from your store in the past, and it always cheers my heart to know how much of a difference you are making. Thank you for everything that you do.

  5. Rosie J

    Thank you! I love my new notebooks and pen. This is such an adorable gift set.

  6. Jay H

    Great journal set and fast delivery. Thanks.

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