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Commissioned to artist Natasha Diak, this talisman was inspired by our founder Karla’s own path to healing. Let it be a shield to protect you, a blanket to hug you and an emblem to empower you to move forward. 


One of the greatest lessons that cancer has taught me is the power of positive intention. While we might not always have the power to completely cure ourselves, we have more control than many of us realize over how we experience pain, hardship and recuperate from trauma or illness. 

I wanted to create a piece that could be a talisman of strength and a protective layer of gratitude, strength and hope for not only myself, but women throughout the world who might be in need of it. 

The healing powers of this piece come from the intention of its creation, the beacon of hope it can be within your own family and circle and the reiki energy that has been infused into it.

  • The Phases of the Moon show time as a great and are a reminder of the cycle of life. With pain comes healing and potential for growth.
  • The Hands in the middle and on the side of the design represent your own community and inner circle, as well as the community of women that each own their own healing scarf.
  • Circle of Women are the many aspects of you and your soul or all of the strong and inspiring women meet in your lifetimes. You possess your own unique gifts and are on your own soul journey.
  • The Snake a celebration of how a snake is able to shed its skin multiple times throughout its life. We too have the ability to live new versions of ourselves. You are not shackled to who you were in the past, no matter who that might have been.

It is my hope the Healing Scarf will allow you to harness your own positive intentions and energy and will act as a link to a community of empowering women, both those in your own life and those with their own Healing Scarf throughout the world. 

I hope that you find comfort and love within this piece.

-Karla  xo


Eternity – Whatever we might face, we all find our own resilience and a way to endure. You have found recovery and healing in the past and can face whatever might be next for you, whether it is pain or potential for good.

The Words – Healing, Gratitude, Reflection, Connection. Surrounding this design are small mantras we hope will inspire and encourage you in discovering your life’s greatest values and where you hold gratitude. We all need to take care of ourselves and address our own needs and desires. Then, we can pass on as much love and support as possible to others. 


Infused by master reiki practitioner Maristela Beckman. Reiki is known as the universal light energy, balancing energy flow and improving wellbeing. With this practice, we send you positive energies of love, gratitude and healing.

Proceeds from our scarf sales will be donated to Wellspring Cancer Support Centre >


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  • 90″ x 40″ (228.6cm x 101.6cm)
  • 100% Chiffon Crinkle Silk
  • Weight: 5mm
  • Printed by a digital machine
  • Chiffon crinkle silk is the most delicate type of chiffon. It should never, ever be thrown into the washing machine, because water will shrink the fabric. Silk crinkle chiffon snags easily, so handle it with extreme care.
  • Scarf
  • Canvas Pouch

What you will need: Baby shampoo and a large mixing bowl. (Sure, you can shell out for those fancy delicate-specific soaps, but baby shampoo works just as well.)

Instructions: Fill the bowl with cool water and add a few drops of the shampoo. Swirl your hand to mix the suds and water, and submerge the scarf. Let it soak for about ten minutes (any longer could damage the fabric), then pour out the soapy water, keeping the scarf in the bowl. Add a shallow amount of fresh water to the bowl, swish around and pour out. Repeat a few times until you feel the soap has been thoroughly rinsed. Press the scarf against the edge of the bowl to squeeze out the water. (Wringing is a no-no.) And lie flat to dry on a smooth, airy surface.

Direct, harsh water pressure could also damage the fabric.

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Turquoise & Red, Dark Blue, Black & Cream


  1. Sam H

    I sleep in this to keep my curls looking good and it works well. I have a lot of hair and it can get really dry, especially in the winter. However, for the past few weeks, I have been wearing this around the house and for bed and I have noticed such a huge difference. Thanks!

  2. Mags P

    Love my new scarf. The colours are beautiful. 10/10.

  3. Mercy H

    Beautiful, soft, good quality and fast delivery! 5/5.

  4. Jim T

    Bought the light blue scarf as a gift for my Mrs. She is very impressed, which means I am in the good books for at least another year. Really nice quality, fast delivery, and quick customer service response.

  5. Vicky B

    This scarf is perfect. The print is so pretty and the material is lovely. It is also very versatile and feels lovely to wear. I particularly like how soft it is! Thanks.

  6. Raven H

    This is so nice and soft. It goes perfectly with so many different outfits and it looks lovely.

  7. Jenn

    My friend got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she is so depressed. I hope your scarf picks her up and gives her the strength to fight this.

  8. Patricia

    My friends husband just passed away from pancreatic cancer and I hope this scarf makes her feel she is not alone and inspires her to keep going as it has helped empower and heal other’s during their own struggles.

  9. Sara T

    My niece has metastatic breast cancer, recently they found her regime of medication is not working anymore and it has spread to areas on her liver. She will go back to the previous medication that caused so many nasty side effects. She is a Mom of two girls (13 and 10) always has a fighter warrior attitude and has surpassed her given timeline by 4 months. She has an amazing heart and a smile that lights up the world. I hope this scarf brings her positivity and strength to keep fighting.

  10. Nicole M

    I purchased this scarf for my daughter in-law who is fighting stage 3 cancer and I know your founder, Karla is also battling cancer and this scarf was created as a talisman inspired by her own path to healing, it would be amazing if Karla could write her a personal note to go with the scarf explaining how this Healing Scarf has comforted and empowered her during her fight with cancer.

  11. Ena

    My close friend gifted me the healing scarf. I wrap it around my head and neck It looks beautiful and no one knows I lost all my hair in chemo.

  12. Irena

    I got my scarf as a gift from a very special friend of mine who knew it will bring me love , hope and gratitude.

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