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This is a talisman to fight the stigma of mental illness and to celebrate neurodiversity. Feel the healing of the sapphire as it aligns the physical, mental and spiritual planes to promote peace of mind.

  • Handcrafted using 925 sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil
  • Locally designed and sourced
  • Available in 14″–16″ or 16″–18″ length

Each piece comes beautifully custom wrapped in a pink suede pouch and ribboned box. It is then placed in a 8″x10″ canvas bag that can be reused for makeup, jewelry, art supplies, travel or organization.

Infused by master reiki practitioner Maristela Beckman to promote women’s empowerment, strength and courage. Reiki is known as the universal light energy, balancing energy flow and improving wellbeing.


We have so many different names for different sides of neurodiversity and many of them end with words like “disorder”. If we are going to reduce stigmas and misconceptions, we first need to see the wonder and opportunity there is in different ways of thinking and reexamine how we treat those enduring mental distress.

This piece is a call to see your own mind as a gift and asset to you, even if you do or have experienced illness. It is an armour against feelings of isolation, fear, shame or to hold in your strength and hope. It is also a recognition that you are not alone and don’t need to face the world alone.

The Ally Series was envisioned by our founder Karla and commissioned to jewelry artist Tianna Bastien. These pieces were created with a team of all women to capture not only what allyship means to Karla, but also the strength we all have and the power we possess when coming together.

This series combines key areas of social justice and advocacy with gemstones that provide healing and release positive energies into the world. We have paired the cause of Mental Health Rights with Sapphire, which has long been thought of as the stone of mental focus and clarity.  May it inspire strength, focus and point the way to a fuller understanding of one’s self.


While I have fought depression in my life, I didn’t truly understand the cost of the stigma that still surrounds mental health until I was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is one of the most supported diseases out there, both in terms of funding for treatment, research and recovery and just in how people rally around you to help you fight it. This was never the experience I had when I was dealing with an issue to my mental health. Not only do people not rush to help and label you as “strong” simply for living with it, but it was something I believed I should be ashamed of.

More than half of people currently living with mental health issues don’t seek any sort of treatment. Many live in fear of discrimination at work or within society because of mental illness or not being neurotypical. This is something that needs to end. We should support those going through mental health struggles as strongly as we do those with issues to their physical health. We need to normalize expressing emotions and speaking up when something is wrong.

I hope this piece will be a reminder to reach out to others who might seem fine on the outside but could be struggling. Those who show the most empathy are usually those who know what pain is. A conversation or small gesture could save someone’s life.

-Karla xo

Every purchase aids in funding our Acts of Kindness community giveback program.

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The word ally means to unite, build an alliance and come together with those around you. It is an opportunity to look outside of yourself and step out of your comfort zone to see the impact you can have throughout your everyday life. It is also a pledge to offer support when needed, listen, learn and use your own voice and platform when it can magnify the voices of others.

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Gold, Silver


14" – 16", 16" – 18"


  1. Nicole clarke

    I received the children’s rights Ally necklace for Christmas from my husband and children.
    I love the necklace, it’s beautiful and timeless.
    What I love more is what it stands for and the issues the company stands up for and brings much needed attention to.
    Knowing that the proceeds all go to charity and give back to our community means alot. This company is making a difference in people’s lives and educating people on issues that matter!
    Thank you for what you do!

  2. Jennifer

    I ordered 4 silver ruby bracelets for me and my 3 sisters. 2020 was a rough year for our family and these bracelets were the perfect gift to show how strong we can be when we work together and something us 4 can look at and smile.

  3. Jane T

    I just received my gift set today and omg I was blown away by the beautiful packaging and how much care you all put into it and how beautiful the jewelry is. I just ordered 2 sets for my besties, this way we can feel connected to each other even when we’re miles away.
    I also love that you guys aren’t just another company that only cares about the bottom line. You really care about people and our community and it shows <3

  4. Paola

    I just bought a silver ruby pendant bracelet for myself and WOW! is all I can say. The packaging was beautiful, the product was stunning, high quality and locally made. I plan on buying all my gifts from you. No place has ever put this much attention into a $60.00 item. Great job!

  5. Carol

    My gift friend and I both bought ourselves necklaces for xmas for surviving 2020. We now have this custom secret way of communicating so when we are in a Zoom mgmt meeting and I ask her how she is? she rubs her ally pendant 1 for shitty, 2 for doing okay and 3 for surviving with the help of some wine
    I also loved the care they put into the packaging and all the little extras they added. Already looking for a mother’s day gift.
    Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Corinne

    Hi Karla,
    I heard your story and about your on-line shop via Global News. I knew it would be the perfect fit for some of my Xmas shopping. I love the idea of giving in multiple ways (gifts that include a charity element are the perfect fit with my family).
    I just received the opal necklace in the mail. All I can say is WOW. Not only is the necklace perfect but the two beautiful little cotton bags, suede pouch along with the thoughtful cards and messages inside makes it all the more special. I also wanted to thank you for the gift that was just for me. Your thoughtfulness and kindness made my day.
    Thank you for supporting local Canadian artists and charities, and for your inspiration.
    Wishing you continued happiness and strength on your journey.

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