The Circle of Strength Women’s Event brought together over 150 women from throughout the world for a day of conversation and workshops around empowerment, gratitude, finding inner strength and trusting and understanding your own body and mind. This event was a celebration of life, love and friendship and Stand Up Speak Up co-founder Karla’s 50th birthday as she continued to live and work with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Read Karla’s Welcome Letter:

Dear Circle of Strength  

Words hold power…the words we say to ourselves can hold us in our fear or they can help  us rise into a vibration of love and strength….they have the power to awaken who we really  are… 

My cancer has at times brought me to my knees and forced me to accept exhaustion, con fusion, fear and uncertainty as my new norms. I needed to find within myself words of  affirmation I could use that would guide me when I felt incredibly challenged with my diag nosis and remind me of who I am….words that would help me navigate through uncertain  waters with clarity, purpose and power. 

I found mine and they are my fight song… I Am Grateful, I Am Strong and I Am Loved. I Am Grateful reminds me to constantly appreciate the good in my life I Am Strong reminds me that I am mentally, physically & spiritually strong I Am Loved reminds me how incredibly surrounded I am with love 

Once I was able to articulate these words I felt a sense of clarity and peace of mind…. They  have become an invaluable tool and I use them every day! I wake up and I repeat them to  myself, when I find myself lost in fear, having a bad day I repeat them…. They are always  there and they are powerful! These words are so important to my well -being that they are  posted on the wall of my Klubhouse/ bedroom. I even wear them on me … I have 3 rings  that reflect these words and are a constant reminder of who I am.  

We can all use words of affirmations to help us put challenges into perspective. In the mo ments that life is hard or your feel overwhelmed, know your mantra is within you. Repeating your words phrase, or phrases, will have a positive impact and improve your peace of  mind. They are the anchors in times of stress and unrest. They can bring you to a place of  ease. They are your yours and it is you bringing yourself to that place of steadiness.  I hope this session will lead you to create the personal mantra you need at this time in your  life. They will change as you move through life & circumstances and if you are honest with  yourself, the words will find you each and every time. Allow yourself to be guided by Ria as  she drops you inward, to that sacred place of yours that’s true. Let her open you to discov er what it is you are trying to invoke within you… 


Karla xo 


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